How We Give Back

Everything we do is in support of the local church.

MCA200We give away 100% of our profits to support local churches.

Shirt Refinery exists to support the efforts of the Ministry Communicators Association.

MCA is a non-profit organization that provides low cost marketing and communications services to churches who otherwise can’t afford it. They help churches reach more people and communicate well. We believe in giving back, and that blessing the local church is the best way we can make the greatest impact.

Why the local church, and not XYZ charity?

We believe the local church is the hope of the world and we want to see good Bible-preaching churches grow and reach more people. We started this business as a way to support the efforts of the Ministry Communicators Association. While there are a number of great causes and charities to support, we believe blessing local churches is the best use of the money that we have been trusted with.

Will you share how much is given and where it goes?

At least once a year we will release a report with details on how much we have given away and where it went. This is not to boast, but in hopes that others would appreciate the gifts and be inspired. We also believe in being open and transparent about our business, and want you to be a part of helping us learn and grow.

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